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Aotearoa Surf School – excellence in surfing lessons and coaching since 2003

Aotearoa Surf School is a mobile surf school based in Te Arai.

We offer surfing lessons, experiences, school programs, corporate events and birthday parties at beaches throughout the Auckland region, including Orewa, Omaha, Pakiri, Te Arai, Mangawhai and Waipu Cove.

We’re also the sole licensed surf operator for Te Arai beach.

Because we’re not restricted to any one beach, Aotearoa Surf has the flexibility and expertise to respond to the varying rhythm of the waves and tides to ensure your lessons take place in the best and most suitable surf conditions in the area on the day.

Aotearoa Surf Company was founded in 2003 by internationally recognised surf coach and surf school pioneer Wayne Glover who had over 45 years international surfing, coaching and competition experience.

Wayne first picked up a surfboard in 1964 and couldn’t get over the feeling of standing on the board and moving with the ocean.

He surfed all kinds of surfboards in all kinds of surf conditions all over the world and competed successfully at a local and national level for many years.

Sadly we said farewell to Wayne in April 2014. The traditional surfers farewell, a “paddle out” ceremony took place at Mangawhai Heads. People came from all over to celebrate Wayne’s life and love of the ocean. His ashes were released to the four winds, sprinkling him upon Tangaroa’s back to ride the waves forever.

Today Aotearoa Surf carries on Wayne’s legacy, providing a safe, professional way for everybody to enjoy everything that surfing has to offer.

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