Surfing NUMB. What it’s like to surf in FREEZING COLD water and the crazy people that are doing it. Here are our FAVOURITE ice-cold YouTube clips: 

Torren Martyn | NORDURLAND – An Arctic Surfing Adventure


Arctic Swell | Surfing the Ends of the Earth


Comfortably Numb | Mick Fanning & Mason Ho on #TheSearch by Rip Curl


Freezing – A Cold Water Surf Trip

Avoiding Freezing to Death and Scoring Arctic Surf | Scenes From Coldwater Journal


H&M Life | Sports Studio: Cold Water Surf with Freddie Meadows


Weird Waves Season 2: Glacier Surfing (Alaska) | Surf | VANS


Can you surf the freezing cold waters in Canada? | Olympic Outposts


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