BIC 11’0” Cross Adventure


A unique board for family fun, fitness and yoga

The ‘CROSS-SUP’ 11' blends excellent surf-inspired performance characteristics with stability and this fusion creates a unique board that performs great in all types of conditions, particularly inland lakes and calm sea conditions.

It offers a perfect platform for all-round family fun, cruising, fitness and yoga.

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Keeled nose – Enhanced tracking and increased glide for fun cruising and exploring.
Full rail-to-rail volume – Enhanced stability, maximum use of the entire deck and a dry ride.
Attachment points – Six deck attachment points for securing gear and easy transport. TEN attachment points on CROSS 11’ for additional gear storage and securing a cooler/seat.
Flat deck – Perfect for family fun, cruising, fitness & yoga.
Full deck pad (Fit/Adventure) – Maximizes use of entire deck for fitness, yoga and family fun – Wave Groove pad for maximum comfort


An ultra-stable platform equally suited for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing or whatever your next SUP adventure may be. The unique ‘hybrid’ design of the Cross features a keeled nose for excellent tracking, full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck, and a full waterline to increase speed and efficiency. Numerous attachment points for securing accessories and deck rigging come standard on all Cross models.

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