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Modern Falcon 8’0 Longboard – XB EPOXY

$849.00 $799.00

The Falcon sets a new benchmark in the fun to longboard category.

  • Very Stable and buoyant, with a sexier shape.
  • Perfect for the adults first hardboard an excellent all rounder..
  • Tail and turn performance hidden within the design.
  • Falcon is the perfect board for beginner-to-intermediates wanting a board that gets better as your skills improve.


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OUTLINE: Wide point is forward. Enhance trim & stability
Very streamlined nose.  Tapered tail for better turning in smaller waves

CONTOURS: Balance rocker. Achieves excellent paddle speed and just enough lift to enable surfing steeper parts of the wave. Smooth rail to rail transitions

PERFORMANCE: Extremely stable providimng a real cruisy ride. Acts liek a 9ft foot board. Good turning with agressive weight transfer.

Built using XB (Epoxy Bamboo) construction which produces a light, extremely durable surfboard that’s particularly strong on the deck, and has beautiful aesthetic appeal, the Modern Falcon is a reliable, and affordable board that will feature prominently in your quiver. Comes as a thruster with FCS II plugs and Performer Medium fins.


Length Width Thick Volume Fins Approx Weight Range
6’0 20 3/4 2 5/8 35 FCSII Performer Medium (supplied) 50kg / 110lb
6’4 21 2 2/3 39 FCSII Performer Medium (supplied) 60kg / 132lb
6’8 21 1/4 2 3/4 43 FCSII Performer Medium (supplied) 70kg / 154lb
7’0 21 1/2 2 13/16 47 FCSII Performer Medium (supplied) 80kg / 176lb
7’6 21 7/8 2 7/8 53 FCSII Performer Medium (supplied) 90kg / 198lb
8’0 22 1/4 3 60 FCSII Performer Medium (supplied) 100kg / 220lb +



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