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This Shapers 5 fin set is designed for the larger surfer or for those desiring to stiffen up a loose board. This set utilizes the renowned front and center trailer S7 template combined with its rear temlplate with 80/20 foil to offer tight yet smooth turning arcs. A well-balanced setup for a wide variety of surf conditions.

Comes in FCSII fin setup

5 fins in total enabling thruster or quad configerations

Front & Center S.7 Set:
* Base: 4.57” (116 mm)
* Depth: 4.65” (118 mm)
* Sweep: 33°
* Front Set Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology)
* Center Foil: 50/50


Rear Template:
* Base: 3.89” (99 mm)
* Depth: 4.37” (111 mm)
* Sweep: 29°
* Foil: 80/20

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The Shapers range of fins, leashes, tailpads and surf hardware and accessories are great quality at fantastic value pricing.

Shapers Manufacturers Co is a grassroots surfing company that has always been at the very core of the surf industry.  One of the strongest value for money products on the market.

For 30 years, Shapers has been in NZ, developing and arming surfboard manufacturers at home and around the globe with tools, materials, resins and new age composites.

Shapers has Long-Term partnerships with both surfboard manufacturers and professional surfers around the world. Through these alliances, Shapers is dedicated to the continued research and development of quality based functional products that allow surfboard shapers and glasses to produce the highest level of performance boards possible.

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