Kids surfing

After school & school holiday surfing & adventure programmes

Where kids shine. Aotearoa Surf have been teaching kids to surf since 2003!

From private or family lessons, to kids groups, afterschool programmes, summer holiday camps or birthday parties we do it all..

Our motto ‘Safe, Easy and Fun’. Check out our regular kids’ programs and get them out into nature.

School holiday camps & programmes

Aotearoa Surf provide one of the best kids’ programmes in New Zealand. We teach kids how to surf, catering for all ages and stages and ensuring above all else we always keep it safe and fun!

Outdoor Adventure Club 5 – 16 yo – School Holiday Programme

Get the kids back to nature and out of the house! Guaranteed great times and a lot of sleeping when they get home 🙂

School Holiday program run during terms 3 and 1 school holidays.

A one of a kind learning experience for kids aged 5-16.

Holiday program encompassing a broad array of adventures in and around Mangawhai and Te Arai. All kids and young adults are grouped into ages and abilities, all newbies and beginners get proper introduction lessons to get them riding waves. This program is fun and a great opportunity to make new friends!

  • Surfing
  • Paddleboarding/ Kayaking
  • Bodyboarding
  • Coastal Walks
  • Beach Games
  • Beach & Harbour Safety
    and a whole lot more..

Where: Te Arai or Mangawhai (pending conditions)
When: Mon – Thur 9am – 3pm during end of term 3, 4 & 1 school holidays
Cost: $249 for 4 day program – or $169 for 2 days of your choice

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Outdoors adventure club - school holiday surfing and adventure programmes by Aotearoa Surf
Kids Summer Surf Programmr – Christmas Holidays

Kids Summer Surf Programme – Christmas Holidays

The best value programme for kids surfing over the Christmas holidays

Operating from 9.30am to 11am every weekday right through the summer school holidays at Te Arai beach. The #1 local beach, pristine white sand, untouched, with consistant ocean conditions. Changing rooms and toilets available.


We progress every participant through to get them surfing as best they can over 5 lessons. This is a fun, holistic and challenging program!


  • Beach awareness, understanding the wind and waves, staying safe at the beach.
  • Surfboard design and use, sea entry and correct surfboard handling.
  • Catching waves with correct body and hand position, stopping your surfboard.
  • Catching waves with paddling, learning the pop up to stand technique.
  • Standing surfing position and riding a wave for as long as possible.

Tailored for each surfer at their surfing ability.

Where: Te Arai Beach
When: Weekly 9.30am – 11am during Christmas Holidays
Cost: $149 for full 5 day program
or $40 / individual days (limited spaces when available)
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After school programmes

Get the kids out surfing, paddleboarding, and more. Aotearoa Surf regularly run kids school holiday and Christmas holiday programmes.

Junior Surfers Club – 7-15 yo After School Programme

Runs during terms 4 & 1.

Each term we have 2 classes after school on a Monday and a Wednesday. Each class is for 1.5 hours and each term consists of a 8 week surfing program.

All equipment provided including wetsuits and surfboards or bring your own.

Limited group sizes and a max 1 to 6 coach to surfer ratio.

Water safety and surfing coaching is our #1 focus, however we will operate other activities should conditions not be suitable for surfing. At all times Junior Surfers will be coached, trained and supervised in everything they do.  Junior Surfers Club will operate at the same time every week without fail!

Where: Te Arai or Mangawhai (pending conditions)
When: Mondays 4pm – 5.30pm or 5.30pm – 7pm
Wednesdays 4pm – 5.30pm or 5.30 – 7pm
Cost: $169 for 8 week program

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After school surfing programme for 7 - 15 year olds - Aotearoa Surf
After school surfing programme for kids 4 - 6 years - Aotearoa Surf

Mini Surfers Club   4 – 6 yo After School Programme

Running during terms 4 & 1, Aotearoa Surf’s Mini Surfers Club is one of a kind!

We aim to introduce surfing to kids at a young age, teaching them the basics and having heaps of fun. We have had great success with this program and always fill the program fast, so you need to book early.

A strict 1:3 instructor to surfer ratio with extra assistance of parents in the water or at the water’s edge.

1 class, 45 minutes surfing, 8 week program run before the Junior Surfers Club
All equipment provided.

Safe, easy and fun!

Where: Te Arai or Mangawhai (pending conditions)
When: Mondays 3pm – 3.45pm
Cost: $149 for 8 week program

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Birthday Beach Parties

Aotearoa Surf specialised in custom Birthday Parties for kids 7 and over.
A beach party designed with fun in mind!

Surfing, Paddleboarding, Beach Games and more!
Beach Safety, Surf Lessons, Football, Cricket, Volleyball..
We put on an unforgettable day

We tailor beach parties to suit all ages and stages.
All equipment provided, qualified coaches and photos to remember the special occasion.

Where: Te Arai, Mangawhai or any Auckland or Northland beach
Times: 2 hour or half day experience
Cost: from $35 / child

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Beach birthday parties - Aotearoa Surf